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Farnham Estate Spa

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Farnham Estate Spa & Golf Resort, Farnham Estate, Co. Cavan, Ireland
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Farnham Estate Health Spa awarded: World Luxury Spa Awards - Luxury Countryside Spa Northern Europe 2019, World Luxury Spa Awards - Luxury Countryside Spa Global Winner 2018, People's Choice Spa in The Irish Tatler Spa Awards 2017, Yon-ka Hotel Spa Of The Year 2016, Best Spa Shop in The Irish Spa Awards 2014 and Best Hotel Spa in The Irish Tatler Spa Awards 2011

The unparalleled 40,000 square foot health spa physically echoes the key elements of Farnham Estate - focusing on enjoyment of the unique setting, blending the inside and the outside, taking pride and pleasure in the botanical diversity and richness of the estate. The silvery greens, pale mints, muted blues and slate greys of the spa reflect the colours of the changing skies and seasons and help create an organic extension of the hotel’s philosophy - a retreat to nature while surrounded by total luxury.

In Ireland’s easily most beautiful health spa, the truly sumptuous surroundings and sophisticated therapies are an appropriate match for their idyllic setting. There are many unique and special elements to this incredible facility but possibly nothing to compare with the magnificent indoor/outdoor infinity pool with extensive hydrotherapy jets to cover every area of the body, designed to make the most of the stunning views over Farnham’s wonderful meadows and woodlands.


Treatments & Packages


ESPA Detox Wrap
60min - €99
A body wrap specifically designed to comfortably raise the temperature and induce perspiration to help speed up the elimination of toxins and improve circulation. Following skin brushing and exfoliation, a complete body wrap of Marine Algae combined with Detoxifying Body Oil is blended and applied to help purify the body and hydrate the skin. The treatment ends with a mind calming scalp massage for ultimate relaxation.

ESPA Body Wrap
60min - €99
This personalized body wrap is a tailor-made experience designed to comfortably raise the temperature, nourish the skin and increase the effects and absorption of the wrap. Following skin brushing and exfoliation a complete body wrap of Algae or Marine Mud combined with essential oils is blended and applied to meet your specific needs. Skin feels nourished and hydrated and the mind left totally relaxed after a soothing massage.

ESPA Salt & Oil Scrub
30min - €60
This exceptional skin softening body exfoliation combines sea salts with essential oils to leave your skin nourished, smooth and supple. Perfect as a stand-alone treatment, or in preparation for an ESPA Massage. For a lighter application Exfoliating Body Polish is applied instead of Salt & Oil Scrub.

ESPA Invigorating Foot Treatment
30min - €60
This revitalising treatment for tired feet and heavy legs helps reduce puffiness and soothe aches and pains. Includes a refreshing exfoliation and a deeply therapeutic foot and lower leg massage.


Be Nurtured Back, Face & Scalp
90 minutes - €130
Soothe mind and body with this renowned experience.
This relaxing and deeply effective ritual addresses the main areas of tension – the back, the face and the scalp. A soothing back massage addresses areas of tension before a personalised facial completes this totally indulgent experience.

Be Nurtured Energy Balancer
90 minutes - €130
Rebalance the body, hydrate the skin and calm the mind with this relaxing ritual.
This gentle and indulgent massage uses long, warming strokes, a nourishing body oil and expertly selected crystals to effectively restore serenity.

Be Nurtured Facial
60 minutes - €95
Leave skin nourished and radiant with this relaxing facial.
Beginning with a detailed consultation and entirely tailored to your individual concerns, this facial expertly combines the most suitable selection of cleansing, massage, mask, serum and moisturiser.

Be Nurtured Massage
60 minutes - €95
Soothe, relax and rebalance the body with this personalised massage.
Focussing on areas of concern and using a gentle but rich oil, this unique experience will deeply nourish and hydrate skin while calming the mind.


ESPA Natural Face Lift Facial
80min - €130
Reveal visibly resilient, healthy-looking, youthful skin. This specialised facial is the complete approach to skin health using cutting edge pre and probiotic technology combined with the same benefits of physical exercise to detoxify, invigorate, sculpt and relax. Powerful age defying techniques inspired by Japanese Kobido massage, along with stimulating Jade rollers give instant results, leaving the skin firm, lifted and beautifully radiant.

ESPA Advanced Skin Radiance Facial
90min - €130
Restore skin's vitality and reveal a bright, smooth and radiantly youthful-looking complexion with our advanced new facial treatment. Suitable for all skin types and ages, this treatment combines our unique Optimal Skin ProCleanser, which gently exfoliates as it melts into the skin, with a deep brush cleanse and brightening mask to remove dead skin cells.
An age defying and sublimely relaxing massage using rose quart crystals follows, finishing with a Lifting and Smoothing Mask and our revolutionary new Skin Radiance Intensive Serum to powerfully brighten, firm and even skin tone, leaving your complexion smooth, supple and looking radiantly healthy.
For the ultimate flawless finishing touch, new Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser is applied as an alternative, or in addition to a tailored facial moisturiser.

ESPA Lift & Firm Facial
90min - €130
An advanced facial using Super Active products to improve skin tonicity and firmness and enhance cellular regeneration. This facial uses Tri-Active ingredients combined with specialised facial massage lifting techniques to help combat signs of ageing, stimulate collagen production and deliver intensive results; the benefits of which can be seen immediately.

ESPA Optimal Skin Profacial
60min - €100
Rebalance, hydrate and revitalise with this targeted facial that unites the pioneering formulas of our Optimal Skin collection with expertly tailored facial techniques. Tri-Phase cleansing technology is enhanced with Clarisonic brushing for a deep cleanse, while new Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser targets the delivery of nutrient-rich, hydrating actives to where your skin requires them the most. Instantly reviving and brightening the complexion, this facial ultimately helps to protect against environmental damage and delay the early stages of skin ageing.

ESPA Skin Radiance Facial
60min - €95
This revitalising facial treatment helps refresh tired skin, giving a noticeably brighter and naturally radiant appearance. A special application of ESPA Skin Radiance Moisturiser; rich in natural AHAs and BHAs from Hawaiian Algae and Meadowsweet, helps to smooth, reduce irregular pigmentation and brighten the skin to deliver instant results.

ESPA Re-Hydrator Facial
60min - €95
An intensive and regenerating facial for dehydrated skin leaving it supple and nourished. Gentle cleansing and exfoliation help the skin absorb replenishing face treatments oils and masks to deeply moisturise and soothe the complexion. This rehydrating facial leaves the skin smooth and feeling rejuvenated.

ESPA De-Sensitiser Facial
60min - €95
A comforting facial for sensitive skins prone to redness and irritation, leaving skin calmed and nourished. De-sensitising natural plant extracts and calming aromatherapy oils such as Chamomile and Benzoin are used to gently cleanse, nourish and hydrate fragile skin. This soothing facial helps to reduce skin sensitivity leaving skin calmed, nourished and comfortable.

ESPA Purifying Facial
60min - €95
Ideal for oily, congested and problematic skin, or those suffering with hormonal imbalance. This deep cleansing facial helps to regulate oil secretions and refine open pores. Essential Tea Tree and White Thyme oils, which are naturally decongesting and anti-inflammatory, are used to soothe and calm the skin, encouraging a more balanced and clearer complexion.

ESPA Age-Defyer Facial
60min - €95
A luxurious and regenerating facial for maturing skin to help minimise lines and wrinkles around the eyes, neck, lips and jawline to help combat the signs of ageing.
This treatment visibly improves the appearance of the skin by using special age-defying massage techniques and a selection of age-defying products to replenish and revitalise the skin, leaving your complexion toned, radiant and rejuvenated.

ESPA Personalised Express Facial
30min - €60
Your therapist will select the most suitable facial for your skin. Every ESPA personalised facial includes a consultation, SkinVisionTM analysis, cleanse, exfoliation, personalised facial mask and finishes with an application of a booster serum to suit your skin.

ESPA Lift & Firm Eye Treatment
30min - €60
Perfect for those who are concerned with the firs signs of ageing around the eyes. An effective firming and hydrating treatment, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and relieve tension from eye-strain and computer headaches. Incorporating a cleanse, exfoliation, massage and application of our Lift & Firm Intensive Eye Serum.

Yonka Excellence Code
60mins - €105
Targets wrinkles, lack of tone & dull skin. An exceptional anti-age high performance treatment which restores the body’s energy points incorporating a double exfoliation with draining techniques along with specific Yon-ka anti-ageing techniques. A holistic and relaxing approach will provide you with an ultimate well-being experience.

Yonka Le Grande Classique
60mins - € 95
A deep pore cleansing, restoring and relaxing facial. Natural aromas combine to leave the skin clean and complexion radiant.

Yonka Optimizer
60mins - €95
A stimulating and double-lift effect treatment designed to firm the facial contours, smooth wrinkles and encourage a younger-looking, flawless complexion.

Yonka Vital- Intense
60mins - € 95
A deeply regenerating facial that works on eye contours, face and neck area. Perfect as a preventative anti-ageing treatment or on more mature skin to infuse vital energy, tone and lift

Yonka Eclat Cocoon
60mins - € 95
Designed for deep hydration - this treatment utilises the healing powers of stone massage for complete well-being and ultimate relaxation.

Yonka Hydralessence
60mins - € 95
Deeply hydrating, moisturised with seaweed and fruit extracts and bathed in a light aromatic steam, skin becomes supple and soft, with wrinkles and lines smoothed.

Yonka Escale Beaute
30 mins - € 60
Scents of citrus fruits and essential oils re-energize and stimulate while botanical extracts reveal a soft and soothed complexion.

Yonka Éclat Contour
30mins - € 60
The ultimate treatment to preserve the beauty of the eyes and accentuate facial contours. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed away whilst targeted massage eases sinus pain and helps combat dark circles and a puffy complexion.

Yonka Add an Eye Treatment
15 mins - €25
Available as an add on to your facial


ESPA Mens Shoulder, Neck & Face Massage
60min - €95

Whether your skin needs a deep cleanse, a healthy glow, soothing or hydrating, we encourage our male guests to experience this personalised treatment that combines a relaxing shoulder, neck, face and scalp massage with a tailored solution to your skin's needs.
Includes: Double cleanse, exfoliation, steam and extraction, face massage, mask, scalp massage.



Manicure - 50 mins €55
Pedicure - 60 mins €65
Pedicure with callus removal - 75 mins €95

Make Up Application - €40
Wedding Make Up In room - €50

Full Body Tan with Vita Liberata - €35
Half Body Tan with Vita Liberata - €25

Eyelash Tint - €15
Eyebrow Tint - €12
Eyebrow Wax - €10
Lip or Chin Wax - €15
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint - €20
Eyelash Tint with Eyebrow Tint & Wax -€30


Yonka Spa Ritual
1 hour 30 mins - €120 per person
Start your journey with a foot soak using Phyto Bain which is infused with essential oils and plant extracts leaving your feet with a unique sense of energy and better being.
This is followed with a lower leg scrub using Also Sel scrub which gently cleanses and exfoliates dead cells leaving your skin silky soft. You are then lead onto a massage bed for a lower back and leg massage using essential oils that nourish, firm and replenish skin the skin. The hot oils are massaged into the skin using hot stones, which in turn promote circulation. The journey finishes with the Eclat Cocoon Facial which is a comforting zen facial giving stressed, parched and lifeless skin and incomparable boost in well-being. The action of the hot stones are ultra hydrating and the relaxing facial massage eases away tension and illuminates the complexion.

Yonka Rejuvenating Ritual
2 hrs 30 mins - €195 per person
Revitalise your body and mind. A truly personalized package. Enjoy our deep cleaning Le Grande Classique Facial tailored to your skins needs, with an added hand and foot treatment. Finish with a Full Body YonKa massage using specific oils to leave you energized and ready for the day ahead.


ESPA Mindful Massage
80min - €130
Unwind a busy mind, escape the pace of everyday life and emerge feeling focused, with a sense of renewed positivity. This holistic, deeply relaxing and clarifying experience begins with mindfulness. Guiding you through breathing and visualisation techniques, your therapist will calm both mind and body. The metamorphic zones on the feet are then massaged to be re-balance and ground, before a soothing massage is continued up through the body, finishing with a re-energising scalp massage using warm Rose Quartz Crystals.

ESPA Hot Stone Massage
80min - €140
60min - €105
30min - €65
A therapeutic massage using aromatherapy oils and warm volcanic stones to relieve deep muscle tension. The warmth of the stones penetrates your muscles to soothe aches and pains; helping you to unwind and your body to feel rejuvenated.

ESPA Inner Calm Massage
80min €130
60min €95
30min €65
ESPA aromatherapy massage is essential, professional and specific, using a blend of individually chosen oils. A personal consultation will ensure that you receive a unique treatment to suit your specific needs. Choose from the following:
Detoxifier, De-Stresser, Muscle Relaxer, Jet-Lag Reviver, Immune Booster, Energiser, Body Toner.

ESPA Swedish Massage
A traditional full body massage using firm pressure to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. This treatment is ideal as an introduction to massage; stimulating movements help soothe tired aching muscles to leave you relaxed and revived.

ESPA Deep Muscle Massage
with or without hot stones
A powerful massage designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress. Specialised techniques concentrate on specific areas of concern and alleviate common discomforts such as a stiff neck, painful lower back pain and sore, tight shoulders.

ESPA Back, Face & Scalp Treatment
with or without Hot Stones
80min - €130
Renowned as our "Hero" treatment and loved by all; this ESPA experience delivers triple results by targeting three key areas - the back, the face and the scalp., making it the ideal treatment for anyone.

ESPA Shoulder, Neck & Scalp Massage
30min - €65
This massage focuses on the key areas of tension using an ESPA Body Oil chosen for your specific needs. Where needed, Hot Stones are also used to penetrate warmth and help ease aches and pains.

ESPA Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
30min - €65
This massage is tailored to address any areas of concern and uses the most appropriate massage techniques along with the ESPA Body Oil to suit your needs. Where needed, Hot Stones are also used to penetrate warmth and help ease aches and pains.

Sports Therapy Massage
60 mins - €100

Coconut Melt Full Body Massage
60 mins- €95

Scalp Massage
30 mins - €50

Reflexology(subject to availability)
45 mins - €80

Indian Head Massage(subject to availability)
45 mins - €70

60 mins - €95
1. Sunday Amble - a quiet, soothing Sunday amble, peaceful and not at all rugged complemented with our Wild Rose infused Warming Massage Candle - ideal to help you drift into a dreamlike state.
2. Vigorous Ramble - a slightly rougher terrain, invigorating in places with a swift paced trek towards the end. Complimented with our warming Cocoa Flower infused Massage Candle - a more robust treatment to whittle out the knots and ease the tension.

Traditional Thai Massage
80min - €130
60min - €99
Exotic and unique, this treatment fuses traditional Thai Massage with deep tissue, pressure point and ancient stretching techniques. It releases tension, increases vitality and flexibility and balances mind, body and spirit.

Serail Mud Chamber
45 mins - €45 p.p.
A rejuvenating mud treatment which you apply yourself followed by a steam and warm shower leaving your skin beautifully cleansed.


ESPA Pre & Post Natal Treatment
A deeply nourishing body massage designed to target areas prone to stress and tension during or after pregnancy.
Gentle back exfoliation, if required, is followed by a soothing body massage specifically designed to suit your individual concerns, focusing on the areas needed to alleviate muscular aches, whilst helping to relax, restore and revitalise.

A course of 6 treatments is recommended following the first trimester of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Pamper Treatment
60 mins - €99
A mini facial designed to hydrate and brIghten the skin incorporated with a back, neck and shoulder massage.

Maternity Massage
60 mins - €99
A gentle full body massage designed specifically for pregnancy. Using targeted oils for prevention of stretch marks and gives optimum skin elasticity.

Polish & Skin Smoother
60 mins - €85
A full body grain free exfoliation to hydrate and soothe the skin followed by an application of warm body balm that melts into the skin leaving it satin smooth.


Couple's Retreat
€185 per person

Spend a blissful day together, start this experience with an ESPA Salt & Oil Scrub, followed by a relaxing Hydrotherapy Bath or the Serail Mud Chamber. This enjoyable experience starts with the spreading of mineral-rich mud onto your skin. As the chamber and seating gradually warms the mud dries and removes toxins from the skin. Steam then gently fills the chamber to soften the mud, prior to a warm shower being dispensed from the ceiling to wash it away. Your skin will feel like new - soft and smooth. Finish this wonderful experience with an ESPA Aromatherapy Massage each - side by side (60 minutes). Enjoy a light lunch and time in the thermal suite & relaxation area.

Add on: Residential package to include overnight luxury accommodation, Super Buffet Breakfast from €215 p.p.s. midweek/€240 p.p.s. weekend.

The Yummy Mummy Spa Package
€185 per person

Take time just for yourself before or after you have your little bundle of joy. Relax, unwind and return feeling totally refreshed. Start your journey with enjoying time in our blissful infinity pool taht extends outside before an Invigorating Polish and Skin smoother (60mins), involving a full body exfoliation to hydrate and soothe the skin. Then enjoy an Escale Beauty Facial (30min) with scents of citrus fruits and essential oils to re-energise and stimulate, leaving a soft and smooth complexion. End your journey with a Deluxe Leg Relief Pedicure (60mins) designed to reduce fluid retention and relieve aches and pains plus a full pedicure. A light lunch is included with this package.

Add on: Residential package to include overnight luxury accommodation, Super Buffet Breakfast from €215 p.p.s. midweek/€240 p.p.s. weekend.

Full Day Pamper Package
€120 per person

Treat yourself with Farnham Estate’s full day pamper package. Start your journey in the indoor/outdoor Hydrotherapy Pool, followed by the Water Mint Thermal Suite where you can enjoy our steam room, sauna, foot spas, salt grotto, experience showers and relaxation rooms. Then pamper yourself with a 60 minute spa treatment of your choice. A light lunch is included with this package.

Half Day Pamper Package
€115 per person

Ideal for busy people who need to escape from it all. This package gives you time in the Health Spa where you can enjoy our indoor/outdoor Hydrotherapy Pool, Water Mint Thermal Suite & relaxation rooms, followed by a 30 minute treatment of your choice and one of the following treatments: Dry Floatation, Hydrotherapy Bath or Serail Mud Chamber. A light lunch is included with this package.

Swim & Spa Package
€70 per person - 2 hrs

Take a morning off and enjoy two hours of real relaxation time in our indoor/outdoor Hydrotherapy pool, Water Mint Theraml Suite & realaxation rooms and a 30 minute treatment of your choice.

Men's Revitalising Package
€165 per person

This relaxing package includes a full body massage to relieve aches & pains and an anti aging facial to target fine lines, wrinkles & sun damage. It also includes time in our Water Mint Thermal Suite, indoor/outdoor infinity pool & relaxation rooms followed by a light lunch.

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Verona Mc Gettigan
Reviewed by Verona Mc Gettigan 18th November 2015
So good, I'm going back this week for more

"I had the body polish and wrap using the coconut oil and it was fab, skin felt so soft and revitalised after. This was finished off with fab massage, I would recommend this treatment if you want to pamper yourself!"

Reviewed by connie 6th July 2012
Terrific - a must visit!

"Superb and restful stay over for a two night special - staff amazing and clientele great also - all ages and feel comfortable in the wonderful spas and pool and of course dining experience. Try it and you'll feel wonderful afterwards - Great grounds for leisure walks also."

Mary Murphy
Reviewed by Mary Murphy 24th January 2011

"I stayed here for a two day package and would have stayed the week if not for work.
I loved the spa and the pool is so special.
Recommend it for anybody who is looking to just chill out.

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