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Aghadoe Heights Hotel & Spa

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Lakes of Killarney, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland
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Irish Tatler Spa Awards Best in Service 2018

Allow us to welcome you to the unsurpassed luxury of The Spa at Aghadoe Heights and awaken your senses to Ireland’s premier spa resort, a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity. This hideaway having won numerous accolades both in Ireland and Internationally is a unique experience. The team of intuitive award-winning therapists can advise on the perfect way to de-stress and re-charge mind and body.

Let our experts guide you through a carefully selected Treatment menu from facials, massages, scrubs and wraps to holistic reflexology and treatment enhancements.

Resting on a hilltop overlooking the magnificent splendour of Lough Leane, Aghadoe is a special and spiritual place. The Spa at Aghadoe Heights has been designed to harness the power of this tranquillity and draws inspiration from the breath-taking beauty that surrounds it.

Using natural slate, cascading water and a palette of colour inspred by wild Irish flowers and grasses, The Spa at Aghadoe has created a refuge from everyday life, a space to rediscover yourself.

Treatments & Packages

Bath & Ritual

- VOYA invigorating sea salt ritual - €125
An invigorating full body exfoliation with organic salt scrub will stimulate blood and lymph flow. Allow the grains to fall from your body before sinking into the warm waters of the hydrotherapy bath filled with wild hand-harvested seaweed. Natural oils are suspended in the water readily available for the body to absorb. Then enjoy a sensuous massage with organic body cream leaving skin feeling smooth, glowing and flawless.
- VOYA bath butler - €40
(Unique to the Aghadoe Heights Hotel and Spa)
In the comfort and privacy of your hotel room, experience the 300 year old history and effects of the seaweed bath. Allow our ‘bath butler’ to prepare a warm bath with wild hand harvested seaweed, dim the lights and stimulate the
senses with the burning of a VOYA scented candle. Deeply detoxifying and has an impact on cellulite and weight loss, soothes aches and pains and aids in the healing of psoriasis and eczema.


- Mud serail chamber - €85/€160
A wonderful fun, yet relaxing experience most enjoyable when shared with a friend or loved one. Lashings of organic seaweed based mud is applied to the body. The serial chamber allows dry heat and steam to activate the healing effects of this mud combining the detoxifying elements of two world renowned seaweeds, Laminaria and Fucus. After an invigorating shower, return to your room, for a soothing application and gentle application of warm oils. Emerge feeling utterly relaxed, cleansed and chilled.

- VOYA sea mineral exfoliation - €95
The ultimate treat for tired and dull skin. This invigorating all-over body exfoliation refines skin texture and increases luster. Ground down seaweed combined with a melody of botanicals works to firm skin tone while removing dead skin cells helping to encourage cell regeneration and even skin tone. To finish, an all-over massage application of organic body cream is applied. Leave feeling awakened and re-energized with smooth silky polished skin.

Choice of 3:
• Organic lavender, seaweed and sugar scrub
• Organic peppermint, seaweed and sugar scrub
• Organic stimulating seaweed scrub


- VOYA eyes wide open - €30
Soothe the delicate eye area with this cooling and revitalizing treatment. Lymphatic and pressure point massage techniques coupled with seaweed eye compresses, reduce the appearance of fine-lines, puffiness and dryness as well
as rejuvenating tired eyes leaving you looking fresh, bright and youthful.

- VOYA tranquil essence - €30
Based on Ayurvedic Shirodhara, a warmed botanical concentrate, streams between your brows and flows gently off the back of your head. This process is extremely calming and is recommended after a massage or a facial treatment. This is a profound relaxing experience.

- VOYA hot stone foot massage - €25
The ultimate in foot massage. Using warmed oil and stones, it is firm enough not to tickle, but gentle enough to be sublimely relaxing and revitalizing.

- VOYA hand rescue - €35
A rejuvenating and nurturing hand treatment that uses the healing touch and plant botanicals to improve the condition of the nails, cuticles and hands. A special exfoliating scrub using natural ground down walnut shell and soothing almond oil is combined with warmed Atlantic seaweed leaves to intensely nourish and smooth dried out hands.

- Precious stone therapy - €35
This world first was developed especially for The Spa at The Heights. The benefits of ancient precious stone therapy, plant, herb, aroma diffusion and light therapy, make up one of the most powerful and specialist spa experiences
available. This total relaxation experience will rebalance the body, mind and spirit. Specific crystals, aromatherapy oils, light and sound therapies are chosen for your personal requirements and will re-align and uplift both body and soul. Your voyage starts with a footbath and a sensory journey to choose your personal singular note aroma. Then, enter the precious stone cabin where crystals are placed along the reflex points of the back in your seat. As you relax and meditate in the warmth of the cabin, light, aroma and sound therapy work together with the powerful effect of the precious stones to give you a truly amazing and beneficial all round experience.


- VOYA ocean radiance hydrating facial - €110
This detoxifying facial is suitable for all skin types, but of particular value for refreshing tired and listless skin. In this truly organic facial we use spiney bamboo to gently exfoliate and encourage cell renewal followed by a signature massage using a rich blend of organic oils which work to increase skin radiance and luster. Finally, a rich soothing gel mask is applied to thoroughly hydrate thirsty skin. This is all complemented with a relaxing scalp massage.

- VOYA organic clarifying facial - €110
This treatment is of particular benefit for oily, congested and problematic skins overexposed to the elements. This anti-aging facial eliminates toxins, re-balances and tightens the skin, leaving it calm, cleansed and uplifted with a visibly clearer complexion. Our rich marine clay mask, bursting with scents of rosemary and eucalyptus, works to draw out impurities, recondition the skin
and leave the complexion smooth and luminous. This treatment includes a hot foam back cleanse and soothing scalp massage.

- VOYA anti-aging restorative facial - €125
This intensive facial is particularly good for maturing, dry or dehydrated skin. Using a combination of anti-oxidant algae complexes, procollagen extracts and a restorative blend of organic ingredients, this facial helps to fight the signs of aging and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through lifting, plumping and firming. Fresh leaves of wild Atlantic seaweed are placed over a richly blended oxygenating face mask while particular attention is paid to the
neck and décolleté. Includes a relaxing therapeutic scalp massage.

- VOYA deluxe facial experience - €135
This facial treatment is suitable for all skin types, but of particular benefit for alleviating fine lines and wrinkles. This purely indulgent facial begins with our signature foot ritual and then a back exfoliation and massage. Meanwhile you will find it almost impossible not to relax as our rich combination of marine botanicals and wild Atlantic seaweed, together with our deep cleansing balm, work to restore the natural minerals and oils to the face, neck and décolleté.
Thoroughly unwind with a relaxing scalp massage.

- VOYA seafaring poultice ritual - €145
This unique facial treatment infuses tired and lack luster skin with all the goodness of the ocean together with some of the earth’s most powerful herbs. Using warmed poultices filled with hand-harvested, mineral-rich seaweed and organic Rosehip, Green Tea and Chamomile, this detoxifying treatment lifts and firms the face and neck leaving you with a youthful, energized glow inside and out. Seize the opportunity to release any built up tension with the help of our revitalizing eye treatment and stress relieving scalp and hair massage.

- VOYA illuminating face and eye lift - €65
Treat tired eyes to our hydrating and decongesting marine eye treatment, the perfect indulgence for those suffering from troublesome dark circles and puffiness. Watch tiredness and fatigue disappear with this miracle eye treatment
thanks to our magical blend of pro-collagen extract, green tea and vitamin C. Close your eyes and relax while our cooling eye compresses soothe the delicate eye area and decrease any tell-tale signs of aging. Finally, emerge with a
firm, flawless and luminous complexion and noticeably revived eyes.

Finishing Touches

Eyebrow - €35
Eyelash - €25
Eyebrow and lash - €35

Make up application - €25/€30

Full leg and bikini - €50
Eyebrow - €15
Full arm - €20
Full leg - €40
Lip, chin and toes - €20
Half arm - €25
Half leg - €25
Under arm - €15
Bikini line - €20
Back or chest - €30

Shampoo, conditioning & styling - €30
Gents wash and trim - €25
Hair repair - €45

Thermal Suite Day Pass - €25

For him only

- VOYA intense energy facial - €70/€110 (30/60 mins)
Enjoy a refreshing warm towel compress facial to energise and revive tired skin before a rejuvenating face mask is applied to boost
skins natural defences. Our organic moisturiser locks in all the goodness, leaving you fresh faced and invigorated.

- VOYA deep release massage - €70/€110 (30/ 60 mins)
Treat tired muscles to an invigorating massage journey incorporating deep muscle work, concentrated on specific tension areas and skin nourishment with VOYA’s organic body oil.

- VOYA essential back treatment - €110
Specifically designed to bring purity and balance to the skin on the back, this treatment will focus on cleansing, skin exfoliation, back massage and masque therapy. Ideal if you are having skin
challenges on your back.

- VOYA back and bath ritual - €115
Sink into a warm, detoxifying seaweed leaf bath. Allow your aches and pains to dissolve away and be replaced with the natural vitamins and minerals of our wild Atlantic seaweed. Next receive an invigorating back massage using the world’s first organic seaweed oil.

- VOYA green golfer’s cure - €135
Beginning with a massage that specifically targets a golfers key trouble spots in the back, neck and shoulders using organic seaweed oil. Our signature mask is applied to the lower legs to
help loosen up tight muscles while a deeply relaxing head massage is completed. This is followed by a lower leg massage and a lavish
application of our ‘softly does it’ moisturiser.

Hands & Feet

- VOYA loving hands - €55
To nourish, condition and refine your hands and arms, enjoy a gentle exfoliation using ground down walnut shells, followed by a deeply relaxing
massage. Your hands are then enveloped in warmed Atlantic seaweed leaves to hydrate, increase circulation and nourish dry and worn out hands. Hands feel silky soft and deeply nourished after the layering of rich organic hand cream.

- VOYA tender feet - €55
To re-charge circulation of the lower limbs and refine your skin enjoy our invigorating sea salt scrub followed by a deeply relaxing massage of the lower legs. Your legs are bound in warmed Atlantic Seaweed leaves and while the oils work their magic on dry feet and heels, we treat you to a tension-releasing scalp massage.

- File and Polish - €30/€45
Ideal for maintaining a recent manicure or for someone in a hurry. Includes nail shaping, cuticle maintenance and a polish of your choice.

- Luxury spa manicure - €65
Soothe tired hands with our nourishing hand treatment. After cuticle minimising, hands are cocooned in a dual action seaweed mask to hydrate, increase circulation and condition dry skin. Organic hand cream is applied to seal in the goodness before nails are filed and polished.

- Ultimate spa pedicure - €65
Our organic sea salt scrub smoothes away build up of dry skin followed by cuticle minimising and a dual action seaweed mask. A warm oil massage
will leave feet looking and feeling brand new before nails are filed and polished. Ideal for foot ailments of all kinds.

- Shellac Manicure or Pedicure - €35

- Maiden Manicure & Princess Pedicure (for preteens) - €20


- Reflexology - €95
A specialised treatment of the feet. Reflexology can enhance the release of tension and stress while relaxing the entire body. Gentle pressure is applied to specific points on the feet to stimulate energy lines within the body encouraging your own natural healing system. It is beautifully relaxing, calming and beneficial to your entire system.

- Indian head massage - €65
Indian head massage is an ancient art based on a traditional system of medicine called Ayurveda. This has been practiced in India for over three
thousand years. This sublimely relaxing head massage uses VOYA organic seaweed oil to relax taut, uncomfortable muscles, ease stiffness, stimulate blood circulation and drain away accumulated toxins which can in turn help
to eliminate headaches and eye strain. You will finish the treatment feeling calmed, revitalized and with uplifted spirits.

- Neom top to toe organic indulgence - €225
Indulge in this truly luxurious and totally organic top to toe holistic experience. This deeply nourishing and relaxing signature treatment will leave your mind and body completely relaxed and your skin, silky smooth and deeply hydrated.
Your therapist will exfoliate and bathe your feet in a bowl filled with gleaming crystals, before a full body polish will invigorate and smooth the skin. Then a luxurious full body massage, combining the key holistic treatments of reflexology, Thai and Swedish massage, aromatherapy and crystal therapy, will take you on a magical journey that won’t be forgotten.


- Hot Stone Massage - €110/€145

- VOYA seafaring voyage - €135
A complete head to toe VOYA experience incorporating our opening foot ritual, scalp massage, stretches and movements of the sea. Your journey begins with revitalizing body brushing to improve blood and
lymph flow. The world’s first organic seaweed oil is then massaged deep into any stiff, tight or aching muscles followed by an aromatic organic body cream to seal in the essential oils.

- VOYA warmed seaweed poultice massage - €140
Warmed poultices filled with all the goodness of the ocean and a blend of the earth’s most powerful herbs are wrapped in organic muslin cloth and bathed in oil before being gently massaged into the body. Our dual action herbal parcels exfoliate the body while nourishing the skin with precious seaweed oils. Organic body
cream is then massaged into the body to lock in the essential oils. Choose from: organic chamomile, organic peppermint, organic fennel.

- VOYA seaweed hot stone massage - €145
Our specially trained therapists will bring you to a new level of relaxation as warmed basalt river rocks are applied to release excess tension and help connect with the earth’s energy. Aches
and pains are replaced by warmth and tranquility. Our VOYA aroma will encompass the senses while the sensation of warmth
combined with specific massage techniques will balance, soothe and invigorate your body and mind.

- VOYA back to life - €70
Targeting the neck and shoulders this rejuvenating back massage will alleviate stress and deep muscle tension. The world’s first organic seaweed oil is massaged deep into muscles to relieve stress and tightness.

- VOYA full body massage - €105
Indulge in a soothing relaxing body massage personalised to meet the individuals needs. Advanced massage techniques combined with the use of hot towels will help relieve your aches and pains.

- Hydrotherm massage - €110
Discover a new dimension to the nurturing art of massage. Warm, water-filled cushions cradle your body, easing the strain on muscles, while your therapist reaches deeply stressed areas. This has all the benefits of a traditional massage,
without the nuisance of having to turn over. It is just pure uninterrupted relaxation. Hydrotherm changes your perception of massage.

-Hydrotherm massage for expectant or nursing mothers - €110
*contra-indicated within your first trimester 60 minutes
Designed for maximum comfort during your expectant months, warm waterfilled
cushions cradle your body, easing the strain on your muscles. This massage is beneficial throughout pregnancy as it aids in the relief of low back discomfort, supports ligament changes, eases water retention, improves circulation and helps speed the healing process.

- Golfer’s recovery massage - €99
This is the perfect way to relax after a tough day on the golf course. After unwinding in the thermal suite, enjoy a deep tissue massage. The world’s first organic seaweed oil targets specific muscle groups and helps to soothe any tension in the back and body. The massage warms and treats the muscles to give intense relaxation and relief to the aches and pains associated with over strain and tiredness.

- Wellness for life - €105
If you are preparing for cancer surgery, or are currently undergoing radiation and or chemotherapy we can help restore balance to your body. When your wellness is compromised we customize a treatment which offers specific
massage techniques to encourage detoxification and facilitate elimination and relaxation. These treatments have evolved as a result of our work with the American Cancer Society, Irish Cancer

Signature Treatments

- Himalayan rejuvenation - €185
After a sensory journey to choose your personalised aromas, a neti massage will focus on your sinuses and your upper respiratory tract and lymph drainage on the neck, back and shoulder area. Your respiratory tract is targeted by an aromatic steam which draws any nasal or sinus catarrh to the surface. Then a vigorous dry full body exfoliation will remove dull surface cells, followed by an application of your chosen oils. Next you are enveloped in a plant pure fume
steam tent which steams and detoxifies your body in a safe and gentle temperature. Finally for deep relaxation, a plant
based concentrate is directed in a continuous stream onto your “third eye” which is known as “Shirodara”.

- Yew time ritual - €195
(Best Body Treatment - Irish Tatler 2014)
Rich elements of the surrounding land and sea are combined in this exclusive VOYA ritual. Step into a cocoon of relaxation and commence your journey with an initial touch to awaken your senses. An all over body exfoliation will then help to renew and refresh the body, leaving your skin silky soft. Next, drift away as we envelop you in our warm spiced mud wrap, complete with pressure point scalp massage, integrating the skin rejuvenating properties of Kerry peat and the detoxifying, hydrating properties of Irish seaweed, infused with the essence of ginger and mandarin.
Complete your journey with a muscle relaxing massage using an oil infused with a light and fresh combination of elements from Killarney National Park and an application of the softly does it body moisturiser.

Spa Day Packages

All prices listed are per person unless stated otherwise.

Ultimate Anti Aging Time Zone - €240pp
• cleanse • facial massage • body wrap

To fight the signs of aging and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enjoy a lifting, plumping and firming facial. Leaves of wild Atlantic seaweed are placed over a richly blended oxygenating face mask while you enjoy a therapeutic scalp massage. This facial is followed by a rejuvenating seaweed wrap designed to detox and firm the body’s contours.

• thermal suite
• anti-aging restorative facial
• full body exfoliation
• atlantic seaweed wrap

Detox and De-stress - €205pp
• detox • slimming • firming

Start your day in the thermal suite where the wet and dry cabins will start to detox and rejuvenate your body. A deep tissue massage will continue to breakdown toxins. This is followed by a VOYA marine leaf envelopment wrap. While the inches are melting away enjoy an exquisite relaxing scalp massage.

• thermal suite
• deep tissue full body massage
• relaxing scalp massage
• VOYA marine leaf envelopment wrap

Invigorator - €155pp
• de-stressing • skin rejuvenation

Ideal for someone who has travelled a long distance or simply to give you that change of season boost. Begin with time in our thermal suite with surging tropical aroma showers and enjoy dry and wet heated chambers. Have your skin regenerated and conditioned with a therapeutic sea salt exfoliation. Next submerge in your very own Hydrotherapy bath filled with wild hand harvested seaweed. Natural oils are suspended in the water ready for your skin to absorb. The experience finishes with an application of VOYA’s organic body cream and a targeting back massage to break down toxins leaving you feeling renewed while providing intense relaxation.

• thermal suite
• invigorating sea spa ritual
• VOYA back to life massage

Just for Two - €305 per couple
• ideal for couples • relaxing • detoxifying

Begin your day by relaxing in the warmth of the Thermal Suite. The real pampering then commences with an intimate body scrub followed by a detoxifying facial designed to lift, firm and tighten tired and weary skin around the face, neck and décolleté or seize the opportunity to release any stress or tension with a deep tissue back massage targeted to soothe muscular tension and tightness in the shoulders. Enjoy this treatment side by side with your partner, Followed by a two course lunch in the Heights Lounge.

• Thermal Suite
• Body scrub
• VOYA organic 30 minute facial or back massage
• 2 course lunch in the Heights Lounge

Enchanted Journey - €160pp
• nourishing • de-stressing • pampering

For the ladies that “Lunch”! Your day of pampering and spoiling begins in the warmth of the Thermal Suite. Be transported into another world, relax and let all the stresses and strains of daily life dissolve as we perform an energy-boosting facial or massage that will leave you fresh and glowing. Feel utterly pampered as we firstly exfoliate and then massage hands leaving them silky soft, ready to be filed and polished.

• Thermal Suite
• VOYA facial or massage
• Mini hand treat, file and polish express
• 2 course meal in the Heights Lounge

Mum’s in Waiting - €180pp
HALF DAY - suitable for expectant or nursing mums
• relaxing • comforting • calming

There’s a brand new little person on the way and busy times ahead, so now is the time to treat you and your little one to some “you and me” time. Firstly you will enjoy a massage on warm water-filled cushions cradle your body, easing the strain on your muscles. This massage is beneficial throughout pregnancy as it aids in the relief of low back discomfort, eases water retention and improves circulation. Next, treat yourself to a VOYA facial created specifically with you and baby in mind. Finally, enjoy the pleasure of an experienced stylist to transform your hair with a wash and blow dry while you relax and appreciate the joy of pregnancy and leave the stresses of life behind you.

• Facial and hydrotherm massage
• Wash and style
• Relaxation Suite
• Afternoon tea in the Heights Lounge

Waters Edge Experience - €185pp
• reviving • invigorating • destressing

The perfect escape after a stressful week. Begin with some relaxation time in the Thermal Suite and pool before enjoying one of VOYA’s invigorating seaweed scrubs to breathe energy and life into tired and weary muscles. Next allow the stresses and strains of modern life to float away as you enjoy a detoxifying bath filled with wild Atlantic seaweed. To top it off, a warm oil full body massage is performed to cleanse and soothe the skin. After a snooze in our relaxation suite, enjoy lunch in the Heights Lounge.

• Thermal Suite and pool
• Sea mineral scrub
• Seaweed bath
• Full body massage

Rebalance - €170pp
Please contact the spa for details.


- VOYA deep-sea nourishment - €105
Inspired by the sea this body wrap draws on the detoxifying and natural anti-aging properties of Laminaria seaweed combined with stimulating body brushing, to deeply nourish and relax tired and lethargic muscles. To ensure full absorption, the body is wrapped securely in muslin whilst you receive a heavenly scalp massage allowing any strains or stresses to drift away.

- VOYA ocean mix - €130
Treat your body to a hydrating and detoxifying oceanic spa treatment. Our ocean cocktail draws on the world-renowned abilities of Irish seaweeds, namely Fucus and Laminaria, to stimulate blood and lymph flow, hydrate the skin and encourage cell renewal. After a skin rejuvenating full-body exfoliation with
ground down walnut shell, our special ocean blend gets to work, combating cellulite and improving skin texture, the perfect anti-dote for tired and weary skin. Combined with a relaxing scalp massage this treatment will leave you
fresh, revitalized and ready for whatever life throws you.

- VOYA warm spiced cocoon - €130
Enjoy the benefits of detoxifying seaweed and purifying peat combined with a luxurious blend of ginger, aloe and orange peel in this warm spiced mud wrap. Our warm blend of herbs work together to firm and tone the skin while cocooning the body in nature’s balm. Finally the body is enriched with a generous application of organic body cream to lock in the vitamins and minerals.

- VOYA marine leaf envelopment - €155
The ultimate toning and slimming treatment. Stimulating seaweed is used to scrub and polish the body from head to toe before being wrapped in warmed detoxifying leaves of wild Atlantic seaweed. The entire body is then enveloped in
organic muslin cloth to lock in all the oils and cocoon the body. While your skin absorbs the natural oils, a scalp massage is performed to relax and clear the mind. To finish, an application of organic body cream seals in the goodness.

Reviews of Aghadoe Heights Hotel & Spa

Based on 3 review(s)
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Jessica P
Reviewed by Jessica P 28th April 2010

Sheer Luxury

"We went to The Spa in the Aghadoe Heights with a group of girlfriends to celebrate a 30th Birthday. We actually stayed over as we decided to make a night of it. We checked into the hotel at 11.00am and went straight to the Spa. The therapists were amazing and the treatments were just out of this world. The Aveda products were unbelievable and the smell from the creams etc was amazing and you got to choose your own oils to customise your treatment. The Aghadoe Spa staff were the best I have ever dealt with and nothing was a problem. The staff even surprised us with a glass of Champagne & fruit kebabs in the relaxation area to celebrate my friends 30th Birthday. I would highly recommend the Aghadoe Spa for the best treatments and customer service. "

Reviewed by ciara 26th February 2010


"I have had many massages but never a massage like i got from therapist aine it was absolutly amazing, I felt like a totally different person after it."

Joanne Riordan
Reviewed by Joanne Riordan 30th April 2009

Luxury at its best

"My friend and I went to the Spa in the Aghadoe Heights as a treat to ourselves. From the moment we checked into the Spa we felt that we were in another world. This has to be the most amazing Spa I have been to and to be honest I have been to a lot as I travel all over the word with work. The attention to detail was so impressive,the staff could not have been nicer and nothing was too much trouble. I really felt that the staff go beyond the call of duty. This really is pure luxury and it is a must if you want to get away from it all .....
I highly would recommned a vist to the Spa in the Aghadoe Heights."

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