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CRYO LASER HAIR REMOVAL - Virtually pain free

Rainforest Spa, Co. Wicklow
Rainforest Spa
Ends: 30th June 2019

Deal Description


NEW to the global market and a first for Ireland, Rainforest Spa introduces Cryo Hair Removal.

This is the world’s most advanced; painless; quick and easy hair removal technology.

Unlike traditional Laser + IPL Hair Removal, Cryo Hair Removal is:
- Virtually pain-free Laser Hair Removal
- For all skin tones and almost all hair colours (bar white)
- You do not need to shave before treatment
- You can get your treatment done with a tan (real or false)
- Instant hair loss - you can see the hair sliding out after the treatment

- Requires no downtime or recovery

Find out more at - Livechat on our website to arrange a phone consult or call us on 012748080.

Offer no longer available

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Deal valid between: 5th April 2019 and 1st July 2019

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Rainforest Spa
Rainforest Spa Co. Wicklow (15 reviews) Spa Type: Day Spa

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